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Why you should consider expungement

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2016 | DUI Expungement

Anyone who has received a DUI understands firsthand just how big of an impact a DUI charge can have on your future. Putting aside the embarrassment, fines and jail time, a DUI charge and conviction can cast a negative shadow on every area of an your personal and professional life. To limit or reduce this negative impact, individuals facing these adverse effects may want to consider speaking to an attorney about DUI expungement.

Like many other types of criminal convictions, a DUI can significantly affect an individual’s hiring and borrowing potential. Those suffering the adverse effects of a criminal charge may find it difficult to be approved for a mortgage, auto loan or even hired for a new job. When facing these hurdles, many adults look to the expungement process to help cleanse their record of various types of adverse criminal information. Although the DUI expungement process is not an easy or quick one, with the help of a skilled attorney certain offenses such as a DUI may be wiped off the books and off your record.

In order for a criminal record to be expunged, an individual must qualify for it. State specific laws dictate when and if a DUI record may be expunged. Although this eligibility and its requirements vary from state to state, often times a court will rely on information such as criminal history and how much time has elapsed since the charge to determine if an individual meets the requirements for expungement.

Although it may seem relatively simple, there are several legal documents that must be submitted to the courts before a determination can be made. Often times, a successful expungement weighs heavily on a comprehensive petition and its supporting paperwork. Individuals wishing to expunge their criminal record may want to speak with an attorney. With their help the process may be made more efficient and effective which may lead to a more favorable outcome.