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Prepare your loved ones for a DUI

If you have a couple of drinks and feel okay to drive, chances are, you may still blow at or above the legal limit if you are detained by a police officer. The difficult thing about the legal system and its penalties is that it can make it very challenging to get back up once you have fallen down. Even if it was a figuratively minor fall, suddenly there is an amazing amount of pressure preventing you from standing steadily again.

It is important to arm yourself with enough knowledge of the law to protect yourself should you ever fall in the eyes of the justice system. If you have a few drinks and are pulled over, and the math adds up that you will probably blow a level that will get you arrested, you may not want to blow.

If blowing results in the detection of a higher than legal blood alcohol content, you are going to jail, and you now have the odds more heavily stacked against you. By politely declining and remaining calm and cooperative, you are actually not giving the prosecution as much to work with. While it is true you may lose your license automatically, and for a period of time, you are able to apply for a hardship. However, you must act fast. You have 10 days to apply for the hardship, and after that time limit is up, so is your chance to retain any form of driving privileges.

As soon as you are given the opportunity, reach out to the Law Office of Corey I. Cohen, their attorneys will work diligently to protect your record and minimize any undue pressures in the system that can keep you down after a misstep.



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