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An arrest record expungement could improve your job opportunities

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2016 | DUI Expungement

Florida’s job market can be very competitive. And even if you have spent years in school or on the job acquiring your work credentials, there will always be others who have equally impressive resumes. So when an employer is considering which candidates to interview or hire, the decision could turn on a single item in a background check; a criminal record.

While it may not be fair, a single bad moment that led to an arrest could haunt you for years. Perhaps you were arrested just for being in the vicinity of an altercation that broke out in a club. Or maybe you were pulled over after having one too many drinks and charged with driving under the influence. If you were charged, you will have a criminal arrest record even if you were not convicted. And human resource managers use such black marks as the basis for disqualifying applicants.

But you don’t necessarily have to have your professional career hindered by a criminal arrest record. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to have the arrest record expunged or sealed. By expediting either of these processes, you will be able to keep your arrest record from being accessed by the public. In fact, in the case of expungement, the record is physically destroyed.

You have worked too hard developing your job skills to let an arrest record interfere with your opportunities. As such, you may want to have the matter dealt with by an experienced attorney who understands how to have records sealed or expunged. The attorney can assess your case and work on your behalf in an effort to keep your criminal record clean.