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DUI court in Florida

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Statistics show that Florida has one of the highest rates of traffic fatalities related to alcohol. Considering this number, it is easy to understand why significant measures are in place to help prevent and, if need be, punish such events.

For those who commit DUI offenses continuously, additional measures beyond a punishment may be beneficial. For that reason, the DUI court was created, and it continues to grow as a productive alternative to traditional court.

How it works

DUI court is a type of drug court. These specialty courts allow parties to receive specialized treatment for their addictions, as part of their punishment. In other words, this court option provides rehabilitation to hopefully decrease the chances of such actions in the future. The rehabilitation process may include attending one-on-one and group counseling sessions, career training, random drug testing and regular court appearances to check in with the judge. During sentencing, both attorneys and the judge work together to create the most beneficial plan.


There are a few qualifications a party must meet to be able to attend DUI court. First, the offense type must fit within the proper parameters. In most cases, the offender must have committed the offense previously, though there are some instances where a first-time offender may still qualify. Though a repeat offender may be able to qualify, if the number is excessive, the judge may not allow it, along with other heightened charges, such as DUI manslaughter


Along with Florida, many other states now implement DUI courts and receive great results. There are several testimonies of parties who have overcome their addictions and become positive contributors to their communities after completing the program. Hopefully, it is a legacy that can continue.

If you or a loved one currently face a DUI charge, attending DUI court may be a viable option. Speak with your attorney to determine the best choice for your situation.