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Pick the right designated driver

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2019 | Uncategorized

Driving after consuming too much alcohol is a recipe for disaster. Not only may you injure yourself or others in an alcohol-related crash, but you also may face serious consequences for driving under the influence. Finding a designated driver is a better approach. 

Unfortunately, not all your friends or family members make good designated drivers. In fact, according to a recent NBC News study, as many as 40% of designated drivers believe they can drink some alcohol and still be safe behind the wheel. Here are four things to consider when choosing your designated driver:

1. Control 

Control is perhaps the most important element in selecting a designated driver. That is, you want to find someone who has no problem refusing a drink. Put simply, when it comes to avoiding a DUI charge and serious bodily injury, you want your designated driver to always exercise control. 

2. Distraction 

It can be difficult to abstain from drinking alcohol while friends order multiple rounds. Therefore, successful designated drivers often look for distractions to help them avoid the temptation to drink. Playing darts, shooting pool or talking with others may do the trick. 

3. Food 

As you may know, eating before going to the bar may cause you to consume fewer drinks. Your designated driver can apply this same logic to staying sober during your night on the town. If the person you designate eats a complete meal before the festivities begin, he or she may be less apt to sneak and order a cocktail. 

4. Responsibility 

Finally, your designated driver should understand that his or her role is vital. After all, the person you choose to stay sober while you drink may save your life. If your designated driver does not take the obligation seriously, you need to look for another way home. 

Even though designated drivers save lives and avoid legal consequences, not everyone makes a good one. By understanding how to pick a designated driver, you can enjoy your night on the town without worrying about it turning into a disaster.



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