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Understanding the basics of drug trafficking charges

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Drug charges are serious, especially allegations of trafficking. These are criminal charges associated with the importation, deportation or transportation of various types of illegal substances. There are plenty of misconceptions associated with these charges, but if you are facing trafficking charges, you would be wise to take your situation seriously. 

A conviction of drug trafficking charges can bring serious penalties to your life. These consequences can range in type and severity, and the specific penalties you may face depend on the type of drugs involved with your case and other factors. Because these are felony charges, it is likely that a conviction or guilty plea will result in at least a few years behind bars. Due to the serious nature of these criminal allegations, it is especially important to confront these charges with a strong defense.

Schedule of controlled substances

Controlled substances are drugs completely controlled by the government. This means that possession, manufacturing or distribution of these types of drugs is a particularly serious criminal offense. There is a schedule of controlled substances that determines the severity of the penalties associated with trafficking. This schedule categorizes controlled substances in the following ways:

  • Schedule IV and V – These are drugs that have some acceptable medical uses, but they also have the potential for abuse and addiction.
  • Schedule III – These are drugs that carry a low potential for abuse, have various accepted medical uses and may have a moderate risk of causing dependence.
  • Schedule II – These types of drugs are highly addictive, but they do have various legitimate medical uses. They do have the potential to lead a person to develop severe drug dependence.
  • Schedule I – This type of controlled substance has no legitimate and approved medical use. It is never safe to use these drugs, even under medical supervision.

The severity of the trafficking charges you are facing depends on the category of drugs. For example, trafficking cases involving Schedule I or II controlled substances may come with more serious penalties than those involving Schedule III, IV or V.

Confront the charges against you

Your future and your personal freedom are on the line when facing drug trafficking charges. When fighting these types of charges and navigating the criminal justice system, experience matters. You will find it beneficial to work with an experienced Florida defense attorney as soon as you learn you are under investigation. An assessment of your case can help you understand what defense options are available to you.