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Understanding domestic violence in Orlando, FL

While the term domestic violence isn’t new, many Florida residents don’t understand what domestic violence really means. Read on to learn what domestic violence is, the types of domestic violence, and what individuals should do if they have a domestic violence case.

Domestic violence is considered violent or abusive acts committed by one family or household member against the other. This could be something such as child or spouse abuse. Domestic violence is often referred to as physical harm but it’s also behavior that is controlling, coercive, or threatening. It’s important to note that domestic violence usually involves repetitive physical and psychological abuse and a cycle of violence. Types of domestic violence include:

• Physical abuse: This can include things like hitting, biting, slapping, and shoving.
• Sexual abuse: This involves the abuser coercing or attempting to coerce the victim into sexual contact without consent.
• Emotional abuse: This involves invalidating or deflating the victims sense of self-worth.
• Economic abuse: This type of abuse occurs when the abuser tries to make the victim financial reliant.

Domestic violence can be a broad spectrum. However, domestic violence is considered a specific crime by law. A domestic violence charge will depend on a few things such as the severity of the victim’s injuries, whether there was a minor present, and whether a protective or restraining order was violated.

Individuals who have been charged with domestic violence should consider a criminal defense attorney. Getting the support of an attorney early on makes a difference in how the case proceeds. An attorney can aggressively defend against domestic violence charges, whether it’s domestic violence battery, domestic violence assault, battery by strangulation, or a felon battery.



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