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Men can be victims of domestic violence

Over the past several decades, a great deal of awareness has led the public to understand the seriousness of violence in the home. Not everyone, however, realizes that men can also be victims of domestic violence. Someone reviewing listings in Florida courts may find a significant number of such cases on criminal dockets.

In 2015, a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that a significant percentage of men suffered from stalking, physical and sexual violence, or psychological aggression from a partner. Cases also exist of men being killed by their spouses, so anyone who does not take reports about male victims of domestic violence seriously performs a grave injustice to victims. Violent behavior can spiral out of control under certain circumstances. No one should ever dismiss any instances of abuse.

Similarities exist between male and female domestic violence. Shame or embarrassment may lead a victim not to report the crime. If police arrive on the scene, the victim often does not want to see the perpetrator arrested. Outdated stereotypes may further impact how men react to domestic violence. Suggestions that men cannot be abused and that those who are should be considered weak make finding solutions more difficult.

Further complicating matters might be instances of false accusations. Sadly, some partners will levy fraudulent charges against their significant others, such as in child custody battles. An attorney may assist someone in charges related to false criminal complaints. A criminal defense attorney who understands domestic violence cases may represent the accused in court and handle the defense. After reviewing the case and its related evidence, an attorney may counsel the client about possible defense strategies.



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