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Do victims of domestic violence suffer from psychological issues?

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2020 | Domestic Violence

Domestic violence takes many forms. Physical abuse might be the most well-recognized form of domestic violence, but mental cruelty also impacts victims. Florida residents may suffer from psychological problems after exposure to domestic violence in their families. Certain psychological symptoms might manifest among victims, and the symptoms could be serious ones.

A thorough mental health evaluation may reveal that the victim suffers from a mental health condition. Anxiety and depression are among the potential afflictions. Some victims might have severe post-traumatic stress disorder. It is unlikely a victim of domestic violence would not develop a psychological affliction, but only a qualified mental health practitioner may be capable of making a proper evaluation.

Behavior issues may become noticeable in a domestic violence victim. A state of agitation and anxiety could become excessive, or the person might manifest an air of perpetual fearfulness. Nightmares and flashbacks may occur repeatedly.

Abusers don’t fit a specific, singular type. However, similarities exist among abusers. They tend to be controlling, have a propensity for rage and experience low self-esteem, among other factors. Their behavior not only impacts spouses and partners but also children and possibly other family members.

Those suffering from the psychological impact of past domestic violence can benefit from counseling and therapy. Mental health practitioners with experience helping domestic violence survivors may know the appropriate course of treatment to explore.

Individuals accused of domestic violence may find themselves in legal trouble. Sometimes, a spouse or partner may even face false accusations. No matter the specifics of the case, someone facing domestic violence charges is entitled to a defense. Seeking representation from an attorney may be beneficial to the accused person.