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Violent crime rates predicted to fall

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2020 | Blog, Criminal Law

The rates of violent crimes and crimes against property were falling through 2019 in Florida and nationwide and are predicted to continue declining through 2021 for many reasons. Mostly, better socio-economic conditions add up to continually reduced violent criminal behavior.

Declining teen birth rates

Few social factors affect criminal law more than teen birth rates. Teens do not have the financial and emotional means to raise children like adults. Many also do not have the support of a spouse or significant other and instead are dependent upon family and social services, which often are inadequate. High teen birth rates contribute to future criminality, which is why continually reduced teen birth rates are contributing greatly to national reductions in violent crime and crimes against property.

Reduced prison sentences do not cause crime

Those opposed to reducing prison sentences for felonies often cite a likely rise in crime as a natural consequence. However, data suggests that the opposite is happening due to economic conditions. Fewer teen births and lower divorce rates combined with greater economic opportunities are reducing violent criminal behavior against people and property. That is good news for those who might find themselves accused of crimes and facing potentially lengthy prison sentences.

Greater chance for successful rehabilitation

Improved socio-economic conditions create greater opportunities for those looking to leave mistakes in the past and move forward as productive members of society. When factors beyond the control of an individual result in unfortunate situations and potential criminal charges, those factors might contribute to a more lenient punishment and a greater chance at future successful rehabilitation.

If you have been accused of a violent crime, an experienced criminal law attorney in the greater Orlando area may help to review your case. Your attorney may be able to provide the best possible defense to get the charges reduced or dismissed.