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Orlando will send counselors to some 911 calls

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2020 | Blog, Criminal Law

Each career has a certain set of guidelines to follow and tasks to complete, depending on the specific job role. Police officers, for instance, enforce the law and arrest criminals who threaten society at large. Counselors receive training to handle mental health crises, substance abuse and other issues. Both types of professionals are available in Orlando, Florida, and many are seeing the need for counselors to respond to more 911 calls.

What can counselors do?

Often, people call 911 for instances of mental health crises and drug-related problems. Unfortunately, police do not always have the training to take care of individuals in these circumstances. Counselors, on the other hand, can provide extensive benefits. They receive training on de-escalation techniques, behavioral problems and coping skills, and they can prevent tragedies from occurring.

When would a counselor be beneficial?

As mentioned, counselors are beneficial for mental health and drug-related calls in particular. More specifically, a counselor should go to an emergency scene for:

  • Homicidal thoughts without a murder
  • Individuals experiencing suicidal thoughts
  • Under-the-influence calls if a person is not driving
  • A lack of awareness of one’s environment
  • Confusion and disorientation
  • A person hearing voices or seeing things

An example of the importance of counselors

When considering criminal law, a counselor can provide help without the need for an arrest. Orlando, Florida, recognizes the importance of counselors and now allows these individuals to respond to mental-health-related calls that do not involve violence. Aspire Health Partners and emergency services of Orlando have established a partnership to send counselors to resolve certain emergency concerns.


Criminal law is a touchy subject, but it often involves an arrest of someone who may be innocent and is in a state of a mental health crisis. An arrest does not have to happen when there is a counselor present first. Contact a lawyer today if you need criminal defense for a mental health crisis that led to an arrest.