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Are there different types of restraining orders?

When people accuse you of domestic violence, they may take out a restraining order. These orders, also known as injunctions of protection, have specific requirements that you have to follow.

There are several different kinds of restraining orders.

Dating violence

According to the Florida Courts, someone can file this type of restraining order against you if you were dating in the last six months. The petitioner has to demonstrate why she thinks that you are or may be a danger to her. In some situations, you may need to turn over any ammunition and guns in your possession.


Someone can also file an injunction for protection for stalking in person or on the internet. People usually need two documented incidents of stalking before they can take out a restraining order against you. If they file a permanent injunction, handing over your ammunition and guns is usually mandatory.

Repeat violence

You may also face an injunction of protection if someone alleges that you have engaged in violent behavior on at least two occasions. These incidents may consist of either stalking or physical violence. People cannot take out this kind of restraining order for events that happened several years ago. Instead, one of them has to occur up to six months before someone files the injunction.

You may receive a temporary injunction at first. This requires you to follow the terms of the protective order until the date of your hearing. At this hearing, you can bring witnesses who will testify about the situation. After listening to everyone’s testimony, a judge usually issues a decision about the injunction. Sometimes, the judge may order a permanent injunction that you have to follow. Depending on the situation, a permanent injunction may greatly restrict your movements.



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