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What do you do if the police knock on your door?

Dealing with the police is a stressful and difficult situation for anyone. It is natural for people to panic, handling their brush with law poorly. This can lead to unfortunate consequences, such as accidentally incriminating yourself. 

It is thus important to understand how to safely and calmly interact with the police. This applies to any situation, such as if the police come knocking on your door. 

Police need warrants to enter goes through the actions you may want to take if police knock on your door. First, it is important to note that you do not need to let the police in unless it is a serious emergency. They may try tactics to get you to let them in, such as requesting to search your home for a new safety program. 

If you let them in, they do not need a warrant to search the premise. But if you refuse them entry, they need to get a warrant from a judge. 

Note that you do not even need to answer the door if police come knocking. If you worry about forced entry, you can meet them outside after exiting through a different door. You can also speak through the crack if you have a chain lock. 

How to interact with police

Next, if you choose to answer them, determine the reason for their visit. In some cases, they may just ask for information on a crime that happened in the area. They might be responding to a noise complaint. Treat them as you would any unexpected guest, in a firm but polite way. 

If the police ask to search the premise for any reason, remain silent except to explain that you cannot let them inside without a warrant. After they leave, you will want to contact legal help before you speak with them again. 



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