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Avoid these 4 mistakes after being accused of domestic violence

If a loved one has accused you of domestic violence, you may feel angry, anxious or even frightened. Taking the right steps in this situation can help you avoid serious legal issues.

Review these four common mistakes to avoid when facing a domestic violence accusation.

Violating a restraining order

Often, a person filing a domestic violence charge also requests a restraining order. In this case, you will receive a copy of a temporary order from the court. Follow its terms carefully while you await your hearing date. At that time, you will each have a chance to present your case. Based on the evidence, the judge may cancel the order or issue a permanent restraining order.

Proceeding without a lawyer

You have the right to defend yourself against domestic violence accusations, either with or without an attorney. When you hire a criminal defense attorney, he or she will accompany you to court and speak on your behalf. Legal professionals understand the Florida court system and know how to present information that helps your case.

Posting on social media

Do not write about your legal situation on social media. Your family member’s attorney could use posts as well as emails or texts to support his or her legal case. In addition, threatening language sent electronically constitutes domestic abuse.

Giving up custody

If you have children, a domestic violence accusation does not necessarily mean that you will lose custody of your children. If a conviction occurs, fulfilling the legal requirements may help you retain your parental rights.

Avoiding these four pitfalls may help mitigate the consequences of a domestic violence accusation.



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