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Can I remove my mugshot from the internet?

During the arrest process, you may not think much of the police taking your mugshot. While it may have been some time since your brush with the law, your mugshot still has the potential to affect your life. If your employer, family, or other individuals saw your mugshot online, it may affect your relationship with them and cause permanent damage. So, what can you do to remove your mugshot from the internet?

There was very little that someone could do to remove a mugshot from someone else’s website until recently. Thankfully, with the passing of a new law, it is now possible to hold someone accountable for posting your mugshot online.

How the new law works

Thanks to the new law SB 1046, many people across Florida will be able to live freely without fear of extortion or harassment from someone who found their mugshot online. The law requires that anyone who publishes a mugshot or booking photo must remove the image from their website if the pictured person requests it.

If the publishing party refuses to remove the photo in question, there will be consequences for their refusal. The new law will hold the publishing party accountable by giving them ten days to remove the requested pictures. If they fail to remove them in that time, the publishing party will be subject to a fine of $1,000 for each day the picture continues to remain on their website.

The law is on your side

Even if the judge dismissed your charges, the booking photos might still be out there. With this new law at your side, you can take action to remove these photos. If the publishing party still refuses to remove the mugshots at your request, contact an attorney. A skilled lawyer can help protect your reputation through the use of this new law.



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