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How To Respond to False Accusations of Self-Checkout Theft

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2021 | Blog, Criminal Law

As stores become more automated, you may choose a shorter line and hit the self-checkout. This unattended register may save you time in the short run, but it may end with the authorities questioning your integrity.

Shoplifting is a crime that may prove difficult to detect. However, when store attendants believe someone has stolen, they have the right to detain, question and call the police to make an arrest. What happens when using the self-checkout line lands you in legal hot water? Discover how you may find yourself facing down false accusations of theft in an attempt to save some time.

Do not leave the store

Should a store employee approach you and escort you elsewhere, you may have a sudden urge to flee. However, you should not attempt to leave the store. Even if you have proof of your innocence, doing so may worsen the situation. Instead, remain onsite, but request to stay in a public area if that feels safer.

Remain calm and clear

Your emotions and nerves will continue to run high, especially in the face of shoplifting allegations. It is critical that you do not become combatant or angry with those conducting the investigation. Keeping a cool head and remaining calm may go a long way in your eventual exoneration.

Assert your rights

When the police arrive, you may not feel comfortable answering questions. Even if they do not place you under arrest, you may feel like the investigation is leading that way. As such, you may assert your right to remain silent in the face of any questions.

Finding yourself detained falsely may cause your nerves to fray. Keeping a cool head and knowing your options go a long way to coming away from the experience unscathed.