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Questions about domestic violence in Florida

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2022 | Criminal Law, Domestic Violence

Domestic violence crimes in Florida include assault, aggravated assault, sex crimes, kidnapping, stalking, imprisonment and stalking.

A person does not need to be physically touched or injured for domestic violence charges to occur.

What is domestic violence assault?

In Florida, physical contact is not needed to commit assault. Florida considers assault as any intentional threat of violence to another, coupled with the ability to carry out the threat. In regards to domestic violence, any threat of violence by one household member that causes another household member to fear for their safety is assault.

What is domestic violence battery?

Battery is any intentional striking or touching of another person without their consent. Striking or touching a person with the intent to cause harm is also battery. Assault is the threat of violence, while battery is actually committing violence. In cases of domestic violence, any incident where one household member physically strikes or hurts another member of the household is battery.

Who can face domestic violence charges?

In Florida, any crime of domestic violence between members of a household can result in domestic violence charges. Children, parents, siblings, spouses and any other person that lives in the household can face domestic violence charges against another member they threatened or harmed. Domestic violence charges can also occur between people in dating relationships or those who used to live together.

In addition to physical and sexual violence, abusive behaviors from a household member may include emotional abuse, economic abuse, isolation of the victim from others, threats and intimidation.