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What is larceny?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2022 | Theft

Theft crimes in Florida may fall into different categories. According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, larceny is taking possession of another person. This general definition covers a lot of ground.

It encompasses various theft crimes, including those committed by adults and juveniles. It is just a technical term used in the law to identify certain types of theft.

Common larceny crimes

Some of the crimes that fall into the larceny category go by different names. For example, most people know what pickpocketing is, but they may not be aware that it falls under larceny. Another example is purse snatching. Even shoplifting is larceny. The most common larceny crime in Florida is theft from a motor vehicle.

Other larceny crimes

Larceny also includes taking car parts or stealing a bicycle. Stealing from a building also falls under larceny, but this crime may also fall under other theft crimes, such as burglary. That is one thing to watch for with larceny since it is so broad, it may seem like it encompasses certain types of theft, but the law may distinguish them from each other.

When prosecutors charge you with a crime, it is important that you understand what that crime is. The details of the charge will tell you important information that you need to know to plan your defense. If you end up with a conviction, understanding the crime classification will also tell you about the potential consequences, such as the amount of jail or prison time, fines and long-term effects, such as a felony criminal record. If your charge is larceny, you need to make sure you know what kind and do some research to get the details about how your theft charge may differ from others.