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3 actions to avoid when getting arrested for DUI

If you drink and then drive under the influence of alcohol, you could face consequences for DUI. Some of these penalties can include the loss of your driving privileges, the requirement to spend time in jail and the requirement to pay a large fine.

In Florida, according to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, you could face a DUI conviction if your blood alcohol content level was at or above 0.08% during the time of the arrest. To prevent aggravating the conditions of the arrest, avoid the following when interacting with a law enforcement official during the DUI arrest process.

1. Providing lengthy answers to questions

You do not have to provide lengthy answers to questions or try and defend yourself when a law enforcement official asks you a question. During the DUI arrest, only provide direct “yes” and “no” answers to the questions you get asked.

2. Waiting to interact with the arresting official

As soon as the law enforcement official pulls you over, get out your vehicle registration, proof of insurance and driver’s license. Do not wait to roll down your windows or interact with the law enforcement official.

3. Resisting arrest

Trying to run away from the scene of the arrest or yelling at the law enforcement official will not prevent the arrest from occurring. Comply with the law enforcement official’s requests during the DUI arrest.

You may have concerns about how a potential DUI conviction could affect your reputation, finances and employment. Once the arrest occurs, take steps to protect your interests and defend your legal rights.



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