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What might happen if you cause a disturbance at a business?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Disorderly Conduct

Those videos showing people acting in a bad manner and yelling at workers are rampant on social media. People like to talk about Karens and how they are rude and entitled. These individuals often believe they can raise a fuss at a business and get away with it because the customer is always right.

But that is not the reality. If someone is disturbing others, causing a scene or otherwise not acting in a safe and calm manner, then it could be disorderly conduct. Throwing a fit within a business is not the right way to address issues, but if it happens, you could face consequences.


Florida law allows the business owner to detain you until law enforcement gets on the scene. You may think that you have the right to leave, but the law says as long as the owner feels you have broken the law and committed disorderly conduct, he or she may hold you on the premises.

Keep in mind that the owner must show you were threatening the safety of others to detain you and must contact law enforcement right away. The owner cannot hold you without getting officers on the scene.


Once officers arrive, they can arrest you based on the testimony of the owner and others who witnessed what you did as long as they believe you broke disorderly conduct laws. They do not need a warrant.

Important points

Keep in mind that if you resist the owner’s efforts to detain you, you could face additional charges. However, the owner should make it clear they are the business operator and they are detaining you for disorderly conduct. If your resistance is due to confusion because you are unclear on those points, then you probably will not face additional charges.