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Have you been accused of self checkout theft?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2022 | Criminal Law

Self-checkout lines exist for numerous reasons and help people get out of the store even faster than before. Unfortunately, there are still issues with these registers, especially when stores leave them unmanned.

It is all too easy for a store to mistakenly claim that a person committed theft. If you face such accusations, you should know what steps to take next.

Do not run

First, remain on site. An employee may attempt to guide you elsewhere; do not take this as an opportunity to leave. However, you can ask to remain in a more public place if that makes you feel more comfortable. Running will make you look more guilty though, so do not do this.

Keep your cool

Next, stay clear-headed and calm. Try not to get angry with those accusing you, or take up combative action against them. Cooperate with any investigations as much as possible. This could potentially expedite your release.

Know your rights

Finally, be sure to assert your rights. If the store calls the police, they may potentially attempt to question you or arrest you for further interrogation.

When facing such accusations, Miranda Warning reminds you to utilize your Miranda rights to keep yourself protected. Your Miranda rights allow you to keep your silence even in the face of a police interview or interrogation.

This also allows you to seek legal counsel, even if you cannot afford it. The state must provide you with an attorney if this is the case.

Having these tools can help you navigate through a discussion with police without incriminating yourself, making them incredibly useful tools to have.