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Can sibling fights lead to domestic violence charges?

Sibling fights often happen in many families as no one expects relatives to get along with one another constantly. Most often, these minor disagreements resolve quickly, and nobody suffers physical injuries.

However, when these altercations escalate to a point where one or both siblings resort to physical violence, it may lead to domestic violence charges.

What is domestic violence in Florida?

While people usually associate domestic violence incidents with those in a romantic relationship, parents, siblings and other relatives can face criminal charges after a fight. Florida law defines domestic violence as one household or family member committing assault, battery, sexual assault, stalking, false imprisonment or any other criminal offense that leads to physical injuries or fatalities of their household or family member.

Domestic violence can occur between spouses, former spouses, people who presently live together or those who lived together in the past. Domestic violence laws also apply to individuals related by blood or marriage and people who have a child together.

Can fights between siblings lead to criminal charges?

Yes, fights between blood relatives or those related by marriage can lead to domestic violence charges in Florida in instances where the altercation results in physical injury or death. The penalties for domestic violence depend on the severity of the offense, ranging from a misdemeanor to a felony offense. The court may sentence the offender to jail time, community service, probation and fines for a misdemeanor. Felony domestic violence charges can result in fines, prison time and a criminal record.

Overall, sibling fights can escalate to a point where they may result in domestic violence charges. Remaining calm and collected even when provoked by a relative can prevent injuries and future legal consequences.



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