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Flight attendant charged with drug crime upon arrival in Orlando

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2013 | Drug Crimes

A flight attendant who was working a flight into Orlando recently likely received a surprise she was not prepared for. She was arrested by federal agents for bringing heroin into the country from Columbia. The discovery of the drugs was made by customs officers during a routine screening. According to the criminal complaint, the heroin, which was packaged in such a way to make it appear like chocolate, was supposed to be given to a man residing in Orlando. In exchange for transporting the drugs she would be paid.

In the course of the conversation the woman had with the federal agents she agreed to work with them in their investigation. Accordingly she met the man, as planned, to complete the handoff. In the course of doing this, law enforcement officers arrested that man as well. He led them to a stash located at his home.

Both individuals were charged with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.

Facing a federal charge, as both the man and the woman in this case are, is serious. While the consequences for a conviction at the state level for drug crimes can be severe, they are usually even more severe when such a conviction is at the federal level. In addition, because of the manpower the federal government has to put behind cases such as these, the possibility that a conviction will be the end result is even more likely.

For these reasons most who find themselves in this situation will do all that they can to make sure a conviction is not the end result.

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