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Christmas Holiday and DUI

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2013 | DUI

As we come upon the holiday’s people are more likely to get a DUI charge. Police will have checkpoints set up around Orange and Seminole County, Florida. In addition there are more parties at work and home where alcohol is served. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel that you may be impaired and you decide to drive keep in mind that you could be arrested for DUI and prosecuted for the crime.

As a former Judge I used to appear in front of told people “it is a lot cheaper to rent a limo for the night to take you to and from than to get a DUI.” This is very true, with the cost to get a hardship license and go through the schools and other classes and fees associated this is a very expensive charge.

If you are arrested hire an attorney to fight these charges. Do not go into court and plea guilty. Many times we can challenge the legal sufficiency of the stop, search and arrest which could result in the charges being dismissed.

As a former prosecutor I was surprised how many people who just show up to the first court date and plea guilty or no contest to this charge without looking at the evidence and without speaking to an attorney to see if there was a fighting chance.

Think before you drink and drive this holiday season and remember it is horrible to get arrested anytime of the year, but to be in jail Christmas morning is the worst time of the year.