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Armed robbery at Jimmy John’s

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2014 | Armed Robbery

There are many different types of armed robberies. The one that happened in East Orlando seemed to cover all bases, when police were called about a robbery at Jimmy John’s.

A man walked into a Jimmy John’s store this morning and tied up the employees at gunpoint. The suspect committed the armed robbery and fled.

When an officer was driving around the area, unaware that a robbery had just taken place, he spotted a suspicious person and detained him. At the same time when the employees were able to free themselves and call 911, the suspicious person was being detained. It was kind of a perfect coincidence.

Officers determined that the suspicious person matched the description that was given by the dispatcher and confirmed that he was indeed the suspect in the robbery. This robber learned the true meaning of wrong place at the wrong time.

The police believe he may be connected to similar robberies and detectives are interviewing witnesses, so this suspect could be in even more trouble. For his Jimmy John’s heist he was charged with armed robbery with a weapon, armed kidnapping with a weapon, and resisting an officer without violence.

His attorney will have to explain to him that he is not entitled to a bond and could be held until the start of his trial. When someone is in this kind of legal hot water it is crucial they get the best defense possible. If convicted, it can be the difference between getting a merciful jail sentence and possibly spending the rest of your life in prison.



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