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Expect The Unexpected In a Courtroom

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2014 | Federal Crimes

Yesterday’s events in a Utah courtroom may sound like they came straight from an episode of Law & Order or Justified, but what happened in Utah proves that anything can occur in a courtroom. 

A U.S. Marshal shot and killed a defendant during the defendant’s attack on a witness inside the courthouse. He rushed the witness while holding the pen as if it were a knife. He was shot six times in the chest for his “aggressive, threatening manner” according to the FBI. 

As shocking as this all sounds, keep in mind this was all in front of the jury! Goes to show you how desperate things can get for a defendant in a federal case.

When you are facing federal charges you are up against the government, who have unlimited resources. People sometimes view federal charges in a specific category, but there are a wide array of federal crime cases. Theft, fraud, as well as drug charges, violent crimes and internet crimes.

Your freedom is definitely at risk if you are convicted in a federal case. Some hefty prison sentences can occur for those found guilty for a federal crime.

Make sure you have a defense attorney with a lengthy and successful track record when it comes to federal cases. You don’t want to feel hopeless like the deceased defendant in Utah.

After the shooting, the judge declared a mistrial due to the jury’s visible state of shock. There are easier ways to get a mistrial. Your court case should never look like the final act of a prime time TV show.