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Federal Crimes

Ponzi Schemes

Charles Ponzi. Bernie Madoff. When we think of the term "Ponzi scheme" those are the two names that pop into our heads. We also know the term implies a financial con of some sort, but it isn't always so clear cut. You would be surprised at what passes as a charge...

How to handle Federal Charges

What exactly makes up Federal Charges? They can be anything from fraud, to crimes involving the internet or something more violent. The most common are drug charges.A few months ago, a former South Florida police officer was federally charged for allegedly selling...

Guns for drugs

This gives new meaning to the word "barter". A man in DeBary, FL, who traded a semi-automatic rifle and other guns for cocaine was sentenced to more than seven years in prison last month. He was under a court-order not to possess any firearms, so that was a...

Truth about Federal Crimes

Federal crimes can be a rather large umbrella. A man was recently indicted by a federal grand jury on a weapons charge in Orlando. The man, who is considered a "career criminal" with political ties, was arrested during the raid on his home.The police also claim...



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