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Controlled Substance Federal Charges

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2014 | Federal Crimes

It’s foolish to believe that drug charges aren’t that serious. Many drug offenses can end up being prosecuted as federal drug crimes, along with state offenses. If someone is convicted for a drug charge under federal law, this can result in a much longer prison sentence. A sentence that would take place in a federal prison. That doesn’t even take into account the heavy fines that can lead to your crippling debt.

So what are some of the common drug crimes that can slip into a federal charge? Well, in the state of Florida you can be prosecuted under federal law for drug crimes like possessing drugs with an intent to sell or distribute, as well as drug trafficking and manufacturing of prescription drugs or other certain medications.  

The best defense you and your lawyer might be able to come up with is a very common one. Shining the spotlight on the conduct of the police officers during the search and seizure process. Any illegally collected evidence cannot be used against you in court of law. Your attorney can challenge any evidence obtained in an illegal search and seizure by filing a motion to suppress.

Since federal charges are no joke, it’s imperative that you hire a lawyer ASAP to begin your defense. There is still time to work early on a deal with the prosecutor before conviction and sentencing take place. Once a drug trafficking case reaches the sentencing phase, a judge will be bound by minimum sentencing guidelines of three years to life in prison. So time is very much of the essence.