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New legislation aims to reduce license suspensions in Florida

If you are suspected of driving under the influence, your first concern might be the possible criminal charges. However, you may also have your license revoked. For many, license suspension can be a huge problem, particularly if they need to drive to work or get their children to and from school. In Florida, a proposed transportation bill has been amended with the goal of helping certain categories of drivers acquire conditional licenses for necessary travel or to receive a reduced period of suspension.

License revocation can result from a number of misdemeanors, such as petty theft to dodging child support payments. The intent of the amendment to SB 1272 is to reduce the number of drivers with suspended licenses in Florida. Under the amendment, certain first-time offenses, such as writing a worthless check, would not lead to automatic suspension. The legislation would also reduce suspension times for some offenses; for example, drug-related revocations would only last one year instead of two.

In the last fiscal year, more than 1 million Florida licenses were revoked or suspended. Legislators believe that this is unconstructive as it may inhibit Floridians’ ability to provide for themselves and their family. The new measure would allow drivers with suspended licenses to acquire a restricted license more easily. This conditional license would permit driving only to and from work.

If this legislation passes, it could be good news for drivers in Florida. However, losing the right to drive is still a burden, especially if you face criminal charges. If your license has been revoked, it is essential to act quickly to contest the decision. An experienced attorney can guide you through the process and advise you on how best to handle any charges.


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