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Stuck in neutral when your license is suspended

I have seen people come into court with a suspended license.

I don’t mean they’re in court because of a suspended license. Nope. I mean they are there for some other legal matter and drove to court with a suspended license. They hand it to the bailiff as if they have the cleanest driving record in town. 

How does something like this happen? How can a person not know they have a suspended license?

Some people don’t keep track of the demerit points on their license. Some people carelessly ignore letters from the DMV. This turns into a mountain of trouble, which includes mandatory driving courses and/or suspension of your license.

Two different legal issues will arise if you are pulled over with a suspended license. You will have to deal with the criminal charge of driving with a suspended license and you will have to deal with the dreaded DMV.

Your attorney will need to investigate the arrest to make sure that the police handled the entire situation properly. After all, why did they stop you in the first place? It’s not impossible, with a good attorney by your side, to find a way for the arrest to get thrown out. 

Even when it comes to the Department of Motor Vehicles, a lawyer can help you get your driving record cleared up by appealing the suspension of your driver’s license. 

I suppose the best advice is to always stay on top of your driving record. But when worse comes to worst, there are legal avenues to take to solve this issue. Don’t take your driving privileges for granted.



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