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Worst kind of crash

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2014 | Reckless Driving

Car accidents leave you with a queasy feeling in your stomach. It’s a nightmare of figuring out who is at fault, exchanging insurance info, etc.

Can you imagine hitting a cop car…or even a cop?

Over in Volusia County, a deputy had to be airlifted to a hospital after a car hit her while she was assisting emergency responders with a different car crash.

Crash on crash on crash? How did this happen?

When the ambulance was ready to pull off with the patient from the initial crash, the deputy stepped out onto the street to direct the ambulance. It was then when the other vehicle drove onto the scene of the accident and struck the deputy.

Reckless driving? Sure. But can you imagine the legal hot water this person has to deal with now? What can a defense attorney do for this person?

Our law firm would make sure our client knows what is ahead of them. A reckless driving charge alone could land you a one year jail sentence. It is important to investigate whether there was any speeding involved or even possibly driving while impaired. 

If you are a habitual traffic offender you could face three to five years behind bars. This doesn’t even go into all the license issues you will face. 

This driver, who hit the deputy, needs a skilled attorney with experience in serious traffic cases right now. Things might look bleak, but they would be in worse shape if they didn’t hire the best attorney available. 



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