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A Pain Care Clinic Really A Front For Drugs?

On Behalf of | May 8, 2014 | Drug Crimes

People will do or pay almost anything to lessen their physical pain. Sometimes even going above the law to do so. But what about the suppliers? 

The owner of an medical practice was recently arrested on charges of drug trafficking and racketeering. This happened when agents raided his Winter Garden pain care clinic.

The Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation and the Florida Department of Health raided the Pain Care Place of Central Florida after some suspicious activity. Authorities said large amounts of Oxycodone, morphine and hydromorphone were being illegally prescribed at the Pain Care Place. Around 10,000 controlled substances were illegally sold out of the clinic in just two days in October 2013. The owner is accused of extorting the doctor who worked at the clinic. He forced the doctor to falsely sign and illegally prescribe medication.

Forget cocaine or marijuana or heroin. Drugs like Oxycodone are just as damaging if it is proven you were trafficking them. If convicted of drug trafficking, the judge will be bound by minimum guidelines to sentence you to 3 years to life in prison. 

The good news is that with proper legal representation you may be able to avoid serious jail time. Usually in the early stages of a drug trafficking case, there may be an opportunity to negotiate reduced charges or even argue in support of case dismissal. 

With help from a defense attorney, it might be learned that authorities searched without probable cause or without a warrant. Perhaps the informant supplied them with the wrong information.