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DUI checkpoints on Memorial Day Weekend

On Behalf of | May 26, 2014 | DUI

Memorial Day weekend is all about traditions. BBQs, vacation, honoring our troops…and DUI checkpoints. Just this weekend alone in the Orlando, Central Florida area there have been over 100 car accidents that may be linked to alcohol use and also over 50 people have been arrested for DUI.

Law enforcement agencies have been conducting DUI checkpoints nationwide during this Memorial weekend holiday. These patrols, which have cops and deputies assigned solely to look for impaired drivers, are in locations where you would least expect them. You won’t see cop cars only waiting outside of bars. That is too easy for unsuspecting drivers.

How bad of a situation are you in if you get a DUI in the state of Florida? A first time offense could land you in jail, with some stiff penalties and fines, not to mention a suspended license and maybe even an Interlock ignition device. Just think, after hopefully avoiding any jail time (thanks to your defense lawyer) and paying fines and fighting to get your license back, you might have a breathalyzer connected to the dashboard of your vehicle. Blow into it and if shows that you are below the limit, then you can drive your car. 

This is why you want the best attorney by your side when the worst situation is probable. Make sure they have handled plenty of DUI cases before and that they stay on top of any changes to the DUI laws in the state. Your choice in attorney could be the difference between saving your driving rights and going to jail. 




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