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Lengthy Investigation Leads To Major Drug Trafficking Bust

On Behalf of | May 23, 2014 | Drug Crimes

Orlando MBI (Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation) have charged 18 people for drug trafficking. This all came about after a lengthy investigation was conducted by the bureau. Officials say four of the suspects have been looked at closely for several months, possibly as early since November of 2013. Central Florida law enforcement agencies worked together for this investigation and successful bust inside Orange County. They have singled out the ring leader of the suspected drug trafficking organization. The suspect has been arrested on felony charges 27 times and four times for misdemeanor crimes. Authorities say many of the suspects charged have violent criminal histories. The “kingpin” is facing 10 charges related to drug trafficking alone, as well as the illegal possession of a firearm.

This organization allegedly used a “stash house” to store their cocaine and marijuana before selling it. Officers found more than 25 pounds of pot and more than 400 grams of cocaine inside the house during the raid. Besides the drugs, the suspects may be linked to more crimes and the Orlando MBI are pursuing any possible leads to additional charges.

So it sounds like more arrests are expected to be made. They are going to need a strong defense since these are serious charges. This story doesn’t come as much of a surprised considering some of the most commonly charged crimes involving the illegal trafficking of drugs are attached to cocaine and cannabis. The only hope for the suspects is if the police are found to have conducted an illegal search or seizure.



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