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DUI investigation

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2014 | DUI

A story involving the police, and the lack of a DUI test, has lead to some serious questions being asked about a car accident that took place last month.

A teenager in Orange County, FL, may have been driving under the influence when he drove straight into a wall. As surprising as the crash was, even more surprising is the fact that the driver was not given a sobriety test when deputies showed up on scene. It was over four hours before the teen was even asked for a blood sample.

The teen hasn’t yet been charged with DUI, yet. Right now, all he has been given is a ticket for careless driving. The property damage from the crash was extensive. The driver didn’t take his blood test until he was at the hospital. It’s quite possible that he was drunk when he crashed the car into the wall, and then sobered up hours later while at the hospital.

FHP troopers wrote in their initial report that they wanted to charge the teen with a DUI because they could smell alcohol, but could not because the teen refused to take a blood alcohol test. The teen’s license was suspended for not taking the test per Florida law.

Many people are asking that the teen be charged with DUI and property damage. But how can they prove he was driving drunk, when the blood test reads differently? This case would really favor the teen and his defense team. Plus, the teen is already facing enough legal trouble for “careless driving” and potential hefty fines. I doubt a DUI charge will solve anything. The best news from this tale is that no one else was seriously injured and hopefully the teen has learned an important lesson.



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