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Arrested on suspicion of child molestation

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2014 | Child Molestation

Being arrested on suspicion of child molestation is a horrific combination of humiliation and serious criminal charges. This past weekend, “Sons of Guns” reality TV star Will Hayden was arrested in Louisiana on suspicion of child molestation. He is accused of child molestation and a “crime against nature.” The woman who alerted authorities happens to be the mother of one of Hayden’s daughters. Hayden claims the sexual allegations against him are false, since they are coming from an ex-girlfriend who wants payback. This wouldn’t be the first time that false allegations, involving a bitter breakup, have been used to get someone arrested for such a harsh crime.

To be accused of this crime is a legal nightmare. Depending on the circumstances of the case, a conviction can lead to many years in prison and mandatory registration as a sex offender. A defense attorney can negotiate with prosecutors for the dismissal or reduction of charges, but it is a tough climb. There is always a chance to fight back against such allegations with solid proof that someone is out to get you. Just like in this case, Hayden and his lawyers will continue to stress the bad breakup he and his ex went through. It’s also very possible that an alleged sexual abuse victim, depending on how young they are or their mental state, can be confused regarding as to what actually happened. A child’s story can be subject to manipulation and misunderstanding. Since the majority of alleged sex crimes are not witnessed, it’s possible for the defense to win the case due to lack of evidence. That’s why a thorough investigation can make all the difference. 



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