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Bank Robbery Suspect Caught

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2014 | Bank Robbery

The only thing worse than a bank robber is one who gets caught. When you are arrested for bank robbery, you will have to battle the federal government’s resources because nearly all banks, credit unions, and savings and loans are federally insured. Such is the case with a recent, multiple offender in the Orlando area.

The police arrested a 57 year-old man just four hours after he had robbed a Bank of America branch in Winter Park, yesterday morning.The man, identified as Keith Young by detectives as the main suspect who robbed that bank, had been pretty busy a few days before. He may also be facing more charges for a bank robbery committed just three days prior. Besides being caught on the bank’s surveillance cameras, bank employees were able to provided a detailed description of this man who allegedly entered the bank and passed a note demanding money. 

While the odds might not be in his favor, Mr. Young would be wise to hire a defense attorney with experience in handling bank robbery charges. Bank robbery can be charged as a Class A, B or C felony. It all depends on whether violence or weapons were used. Another important factor is whether anyone was injured, and the amount of money taken. The good news for Mr. Young is that he didn’t appear to have a weapon with him during his heist. The bad news is that even if he didn’t use a weapon during the robbery, he could still face prison sentences ranging from one to 10 years.