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Responding effectively to a Florida driver’s license suspension

If you’re reading this blog post, it’s likely that you are a motorist residing in Central Florida or elsewhere in the state.

For obvious reasons, you value your driver’s license. Figuratively, it is what drives your car, and lawfully possessing it is quite literally the prerequisite requirement for getting you where you want to go.

For many people, of course, that means to and from the workplace. It also means trips to stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, the homes of friends and family members and countless other places.

In short, a driver’s license is a ticket to freedom and something many Americans can hardly imagine going without.

What if that freedom was compromised?

That is precisely the outcome for Florida residents when their driver’s license is suspended following an arrest for a traffic-related offense, such as drunk driving.

The contours for what happens in such a case are well spelled out under Florida law. A person whose license has been suspended is accorded what is in effect a 10-day temporary hardship license.

In such an event, what follows can be greatly influenced by how quickly and purposefully action is taken on behalf of a motorist embroiled in a license suspension matter.

Failure to timely request a formal review hearing regarding the suspension with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, for example, serves as a waiver of the right to challenge a suspension decision. The result for many motorists who act tardily in scheduling a hearing is a lengthy suspension period.

Close and knowledgeable input from a proven Florida DWI/DUI defense lawyer can make a material difference in the outcome of a DHSMV hearing. A seasoned attorney knows the hearing process intimately and can probe all opportunities for challenging an initial road stop, the conducting of field sobriety exercises, blood-alcohol testing procedures and probable cause for a police officer to even make an arrest.

Our law firm routinely represents clients in suspension hearings, providing aggressive and studied representation on their behalf. We invite readers seeking information on DHSMV hearings and the important role that a proven attorney plays in such proceedings to visit our website’s practice page discussing driver’s license suspension in Florida.



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