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How a DUI can affect your career

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2014 | DUI

A DUI charge isn’t just a personal problem for the time-being. It can cost you your current job, while also haunting your future career plans. A few weeks ago, a Greyhound bus driver was arrested for DUI. The bus driver was caught swerving all over I-95 in the Central FL area, while he was driving a group of people from Jacksonville to Miami. 

He was arrested and booked into jail after failing the field sobriety test. He claimed that he had been taking medicine ever since he got his shoulder replaced a few months ago. Despite working for Greyhound for over four years, the company fired him before he had his day in court. This is seems unfair.

He is now facing his driver’s license being suspended for up to 180 days, along with losing his professional driver’s license. If convicted, he will have to do community service and pay a fine from anywhere between $500 and $5,000. All of these legal issues on top of losing his job of nearly five years. What can he do?

Most people understand that driving under the influence of alcohol or any other illegally controlled substance can result in a DUI charge. But what most drivers don’t realize is that driving under the influence while on certain medications, even if they are legally prescribed by a doctor, can result in an arrest for DUI. There are a lot of common symptoms between taking prescription meds and having one too many to drink. Drowsiness, delayed reaction, impaired judgement and coordination, etc. 

This bus driver’s defense team will push the idea that their client didn’t fully understand the dangers of driving while on his meds. This can work, especially if the driver has a clean record and no past incidents with driving while under the influence of alcohol. 



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