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DUI exactions are many, but not always inevitable

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2014 | DUI

Suffering a drunk driving conviction in Florida is no trifling matter.

In fact, it can spell a major dilemma in many cases, given the outsized repercussions that often stem from a DUI charge.

Some readers will quickly and correctly note this obvious result that is a virtual given with any DUI conviction: It’s going to cost some money.

In fact, it usually costs a lot of money, considering the fines, court costs, jacked-up insurance premiums, vehicle impoundment fees, outlays for ignition interlock installation and other exactions involved.

And it can take great chunks of precious time, with probation, community service and attendance in an alcohol or drug program often being mandated by a court. Jail time is of course a distinct possibility — even a given — in some instances.

Additionally, a conviction can result in a restricted or suspended license. It can garner adverse publicity. A job that requires a clean driving record — as some commercial driving positions do — can be quickly lost following a conviction. Future job prospects that seemed good bets might suddenly be problematic.

We know well that laundry list of consequences at The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates, and we routinely provide clients with experienced and aggressive drunk driving defense representation geared toward mitigating adverse effects to the fullest extent possible.

A DUI stop and arrest is often far from a slam-dunk case for police officers and prosecutors. An initial stop might have been illegal. Testing equipment might have been improperly calibrated. Field sobriety testing could have been flawed in several respects. Blood test evidence might have been improperly handled. An officer might have been inadequately trained to administer a breathalyzer device. The list of potential flaws goes on.

Our law firm proudly plays the role assigned to us in the criminal justice system, namely, the zealous representation of persons charged with crimes. We provide proven and unstinting advocacy on behalf of all our clients charged with drinking-related criminal offenses.



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