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Happy Hours are DUI hot spots

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2014 | DUI

“Happy Hour” seems like the perfect way to unwind after a tough day at work. Enjoying a few cheap drinks after the workday sounds harmless, but Happy Hour locations have become DUI hot spots.

Because promotions like Happy Hour focus on getting as much to drink for as less as possible, it is common for patrons to go overboard and drink to excess. Sure you might eat some food and you might give yourself a little bit of time to sober up, but by the time you are ready to drive home you are probably over the legal blood alcohol limit. 

Law enforcement knows all about this, which is why it is very common for the police to set up DUI stops nearby popular Happy Hour locations. One of the most common tactics used by law enforcement include “roadside safety checks”. Police will be checking for drivers who don’t come to a complete stop at a yield sign, they will be looking for speeders or they might even stop you for not using your turn signal. This is all usually a disguise in order to find out if you have been drinking. Once they pull you over they will be listening to any slurred speech and/or erratic behavior during the stop. 

Before you start worrying about jail time or one day having an ignition interlock device attached to check if you have been drinking, there is some hope. While a DUI charge is a very serious offense, if you hire an experience defense attorney you do have the opportunity to fight for your driving rights. DUI doesn’t automatically mean you will be convicted. Your lawyer has plenty of defense strategies such as questioning the accuracy of the breathalyzer and legality of the DUI stop. 

With a skilled lawyer by your side, a solid defense stated and some confidence in the justice system, you can eliminate any doom and gloom from future “Happy Hours”.