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Drug Arrests At Music Festival

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2014 | Drug Crimes

Starting this Friday the 7th of November, Orlando will be hosting a two day – two night music festival called the Electric Daisy Carnival. While an event such as this is supposed to be about enjoying the festivities, it is also a perfect time for the police to crack down on drug users and dealers.

This festival or rave has had such a controversial past over the last three years, that Orlando PD are set to make plenty of arrests over this coming weekend. One of the drugs they will be focused on is the MDMA drug nicknamed “Molly”. Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) drug use is widespread among local area college students. Over the past few years, Orlando police have caught girls smuggling them into their bras and guys smuggling them in their underwear.

This kind of controversy won’t stop students from making stupid mistakes. This is why they will need legal help if they are arrested at EDC. The festival “makes sure” no drugs are brought in by banning open cigarette packs, unsealed tampons, eye drops, lip balm, certain backpacks and other containers that could hide alcohol or drugs. Yet hundreds have been arrested since the first Orlando EDC in 2011. Besides the potential for drug arrests, the police will also be targeting alcohol abuse. There is alcohol at EDC, which has full bars and beer stands. Festival goers can expect cops to be waiting for any speeders, traffic violators to inspect if they have had one too many to drink.

EDC is supposed to be a fun event for lovers of music and dancing. Just be careful out there this weekend and aware at all times. Know your legal rights and make sure you contact a defense attorney ASAP if you are arrested at the 2014 Orlando EDC. 



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