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The Florida DHSMV license hearing: how a proven attorney can help

Let’s start with acronyms, namely, DHSMV.

In Florida, that stands for the state’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, a shorthand designation that is not likely to be remembered by many state residents.

There are exceptions, though, with drivers who have been arrested for drunk driving perhaps leading the list. For some of those motorists, those above-cited uppercase letters are likely prominently etched in their memories and will never be forgotten.

Here’s why. If you are a state resident who has been charged with DUI and had your license taken away, you must quickly request a formal hearing with the DHSMV to contest that action if you believe that the state acted unreasonably.

Perhaps the arresting officer lacked probable cause — that is, had no reasonable basis — to stop your vehicle in the first place. If that was indeed the case, you were not legally required to submit to a breath, urine or blood test.

Here’s a fundamental point regarding a DHSMV hearing. A person wishing to contest a license suspension or drunk driving arrest must act with dispatch to get his or her case before a hearing officer.

At The Law Offices of Corey I. Cohen in Orange County, we can centrally assist with process, ensuring that the 10-day hearing requirement imposed by the state is met.

Just as importantly, we can present a client’s case persuasively and with vigor, based on Corey Cohen’s broadly integrated and relevant experience as both an ex-public defender and state prosecutor commanding extensive experience in DUI cases.

For most people, possessing a valid driver’s license is critically important. When that privilege is threatened by state action, a proven attorney can take proactive and knowledge steps aimed at keeping the privilege intact and fully promoting a client’s legal interests.



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