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DUI’s on New Year’s Eve

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2014 | DUI

DUI’s on New Year’s Eve are common since law enforcement is out in full force and with so many parties they are sure to find people.   Cops may set up checkpoints as well which is throwing a net out there and hoping to catch something.  

If you are going to drink tonight please do not drive for the consequences are harsh if you are convicted of a DUI. 

While you may not want to spend the money to get a taxi if drinking it is much cheaper than having to bond out of jail and hire an attorney.   There are also free services that will pick you up if you have had too much to drink.   AAA offers this service as long as others. 

If you happen to get stopped by a Police Officer for a DUI tell them you want to speak to an attorney and refuse any tests without an attorney present.   Stand strong on this and give them as little evidence as possible.  

There is only so much an attorney can do to help you and you do not want to give the state attorney the evidence to convict you.  Remember a lot of DUI cops have videos in their cars as well so everything you say to the officer is being recording.   This will be played back against you in court so keep what you tell the officer to a minimum as well. 

Have a safe holiday and if you are going to drink please do not drive.