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How Toll Violations can lead to a Suspended License

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2015 | Toll Violations

Here in Florida, the invention and use of the “SunPass” back a couple of decades ago, ushered in an easier toll-roads driving experience. No longer were drivers forced to dig for loose change and throw it into a basket. With a transponder attached to your windshield, you can drive and go all over FL toll roads as you please, and save some money as well. 

But you do need to keep track of your account. In the past, some mistakes have been made and some driver’s accounts have fallen through the cracks. Drivers have been pulled over by the police and have found out that their license had been suspended due to numerous toll violations. This is usually news to the drivers. How can this happen without them knowing?

Over 5 million Florida drivers have a SunPass transponder and if they aren’t too careful, they could have their license suspended. Sometimes by the time the driver learns that there’s a problem, they may have accumulated anywhere from 20 to 50 toll violation tickets. 

SunPass is supposed to notify drivers that they have toll violation tickets via home mail and email. But what if their address isn’t up to date or they don’t check that exact email address anymore? The toll problems can quickly escalate, leading to a potential suspended driver’s license. 

Remember to keep in touch with SunPass whenever you move or change any vital information regarding the vehicle you drive. With the help of an experienced traffic attorney, you can put a nightmare like this behind you. Technology is wonderful, as long as you can stay on top of it.