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DUI checkpoints on St. Patrick’s Day

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2015 | DUI

Everyone is wearing green and drinking green beer today. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all. It might not be a very happy holiday if you get pulled over today. The “pubs” here in Orlando have opened up early and the local police have the sobriety checkpoints all set up. DUI and St. Patrick’s Day unfortunately go together like leprechauns and gold.

There are ways to avoid getting a DUI on St. Patrick’s Day. The authorities are urging people to use designated drivers who will stay sober throughout the partying, or asking drinkers to take taxis, and to also warn their friends not to drink and drive. Remember that just because you “only had a couple of beers” doesn’t mean you are safe. Law enforcement plans on increasing the number of DUI checkpoints around town. They will be highly visible and on patrol looking for unsafe drivers in order to decrease the number of alcohol-related car crashes and fatalities.

This shouldn’t put a damper on your fun day, but you should be prepared. Already this weekend, there were close to 100 arrests at St. Patrick’s Day weekend events and pub crawls. If you didn’t celebrate this weekend, then this gave you a few days to prepare for today. You would be surprised at how planning ahead with your friends can save you time, money, and a legal headache.

If the worst case scenario occurs and you do get stopped and charged for DUI, and you think that you do not have a case, please think again. Find an attorney that has a proven track record of winning DUI cases. There are many DUI defense strategies that can bring you some luck if you are charged with a DUI on St. Patrick’s Day.