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Former NFL star agrees to plea deal for sexual assault

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2015 | Sexual Assault

Being accused of sexual assault leaves a stigma that you just can’t shake. It’s a complicated legal issue that can have many contradictory elements. Former NFL star Darren Sharper no longer has to worry about only being accused of sexual assault. Whatever “stigma” attached to him seems to be justified.

He has now plead guilty to two counts of forcible rape and a count of simple rape in New Orleans, as part of a global plea deal. Sharper is currently locked in prison in Los Angeles for drugging and raping two women back in 2013. He’s expected to serve half of a 20-year sentence for this. He also has been charged with rape in Las Vegas and will reportedly serve an eight-year sentence.

Under this plea agreement, Sharper can serve the prison sentences concurrently. In the Arizona case, Sharper admitted sexually assaulting one woman and trying to attack another in suburban Phoenix in 2013. Let’s face it, there is only so much a criminal defense attorney can do when their client admits to being a serial rapist.

Originally his attorneys claimed that Sharper did not make the drinks authorities say he used to drug the women. But as evidence and testimony began piling up, they realized they didn’t have much of a defense. One of the victims told the police she had not had any alcohol that night until Sharper insisted she drink a shot.

For every Darren Sharper, there is someone out there wrongfully accused of sexual assault. The majority of alleged sex crimes are not witnessed. That’s why it is crucial to hire an attorney ASAP if you are charged with sexual assault. A thorough investigation by your defense team can mean all the difference between your freedom, or spending years behind bars.