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U-Turn on I-4 turns deadly

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2015 | Criminal Law

I-4 is well known for being one of the most dangerous highways in the U.S. It’s not surprising when Orlando residents hear about serious car crashes, but this latest tragic event is still a shocker. A woman made a sudden U-turn on I-4 and drove westbound in the eastbound lanes, which led to a fatal crash this past Tuesday night. 

Local authorities and investigators traveled back to I-4 near the scene of the accident, in order to take measurements and photos for their traffic homicide investigation. Multiple cars ended up totaled and one fatality occurred. It is still unclear when this woman got onto the highway, or why she decided to drive toward oncoming traffic. 

Hearing this kind of story will make you wonder if alcohol was involved, or make you question the woman’s mental state at the time. She died from her injuries the following morning. Imagine the force of a head-on collision on an already dangerous highway. Even if it is true that an eyewitness estimated that the woman was driving about 10 or 15 mph on I-4, going the wrong way on any road will usually lead to someone’s death.

The Medical Examiner’s Office is still awaiting more investigative information, so toxicology results won’t be available for another month or two. The deceased woman had a history of legal trouble. She was sentenced to 12 months’ probation for a 2008 DUI arrest. In that case, her blood-alcohol content level was 0.249. The limit is 0.08. 

If she had survived this crash, she would have needed a great criminal defense attorney to get her out this jam. 



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