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DUI on I-4

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2013 | DUI

Interstate 4 or more commonly know to Central Florida residents as I-4 is one of the most used roads in Florida and rush hour can be a pain. Many people also get arrested for DUI’s while driving on this roadway. It is typically at night that the police are out actively looking for drivers who seem to be impaired based on the driving pattern. However, it can also be the simplest thing such as speeding, no headlights on or any other common traffic violation that can result in the police pulling you over. If you are stopped and the police smell alcohol on your breath they will ask you to conduct field sobriety exercises and then make a determination if you are impaired.

If the officer believes you are impaired they will arrest you for DUI and take you to jail before you even have the opportunity to take a breath test. Then even if you pass the breath test you will still be charges and have to go to court and fight the case.

I-4 is dangerous and police constantly patrol this road so don’t make yourself a target to police by drinking and driving.   They are out there looking for people they suspect of DUI and it does not take much for a cop to have probable cause or reasonable suspicion in order to stop your car. 

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