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Emotional impact of losing right to drive

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2015 | Drivers License Suspension And Revocation

For most American drivers, since receiving your license as a teen, freedom of the open road has been somewhat of a therapeutic calling. Our ability to change our surroundings, relax our minds and relieve stress has always been just a car key away. However, just as with old age, illness or surgery, having our ability to go places taken away from us because of a DUI can have lasting and devastating effect on your mental and emotional well-being.

A new study by AAA shows a link between elderly citizens being stripped of their right to drive, and their mental, physical and emotional health. A collaborative report of 16 studies shows that seniors whose right to drive has been taken away, experienced a greater risk of depression, had lower productivity and also showed a lower likelihood of participating in outdoor activities. Aside from those changes, the study shows a small correlation between an individual’s inability to drive and their level of social activity. Basically, individuals that can’t drive, seek less social interaction than those who can.

What does this mean for recipients of a DUI? Well, depending on your offense, you may be facing a substantial amount of time with no license. This means, no open road and no freedom to go places. Being stripped of your right to drive could eventually lead to depression and a lack of interest in otherwise enjoyable activities. It is completely understandable to think that a DUI conviction may bring about tough times, but some individuals may not be prepared for just how tough that could be.

While it is scary to think about losing your right to drive and experiencing the despair and depression that may go along with it, you may not have to settle for the court ordered downtime.  Finding a trusted attorney skilled in criminal defense could make the difference between the long, lonely road without a license, and the open road with one.